Swiss Made Replica Breitling for Bentley Motors ref. A25362

Speaking of giants, let’s talk about one of the most iconic from the 2000s. The luxury fake Breitling for Bentley Motors ref. A25362 marked the first wristwatch out of super clone Breitling’s many releases in its partnership with Bentley. It’s a partnership that ended only a couple of months ago after the brands worked together for 19 years.

I have to be honest here; I’m not too fond of the series of perfect replica watches the two brands produced. They’re ridiculously big watches with movements that are way too small for their cases. They lack an overall refinement, especially in the bracelets.

And in general, it’s a series of Swiss made fake watches that are simply not pleasing to the eye. But somehow, both brands managed to work together for almost two decades, creating one of the most well-known partnerships between a 1:1 fake Breitling and a car brand. Was it commercially successful? Who knows? But it’s hard to forget what came out of it.

The AAA replica Breitling for Bentley Motors ref. A25362 is a 48.7mm giant that measures 15.2mm in height. It features the famous case of the big Navitimers of the late ’60s and early ’70s. While these cheap fake Breitling Navitimers were just as big, they were a lot better to look at.

Besides the big case, the perfect copy Breitling features the iconic bezel modeled after the famous Bentley diamond-plate knurling. You can find this pattern on vintage and modern Bentleys, and it gave the line of best quality fake watches its recognizable identity. While it definitely fits the watch and is a great reference to Bentley cars, it also creates something bold and flashy, especially with the polished finish of the case and the bracelet.

A special chronograph module
Technically speaking, the Swiss movement fake Breitling is interesting because it is a 30-second chronograph. That means the central seconds hand travels around the dial twice in one minute for the chronograph feature. The proprietary 30-second mechanism was developed in-house by super clone Breitling Chronometrie in the 1920s.

Additionally, it features an inner slide rule that one could use to calculate fuel consumption, for instance, rather than the regular aviation calculations of the iconic Navitimers. Inside the case, top Swiss fake Breitling used its Caliber 25B to power the watch. It is based on the ETA 2892-A2 to which the special Breitling chronograph module has been added. The movement operates at 28,800vph, has 21 jewels, and comes with a 42-hour power reserve.

The high quality fake Breitling was offered in various dial colors, including white, black, blue, and the bronze/brown version pictured previously. Additionally, there was also a green-dialed limited edition. I have to say, the green and brown/bronze dial colors are very nice. But what sticks out the most is not the dial color; it is mostly the flashy style combined with its big size. While it suited the era and is well-executed in all its details, I think that we can agree it’s not wholesale fake Breitling’s best-looking watch. However, if you are interested in one, expect to see prices between €3.5K and €6K. And maybe a bit more if you like your bezel set with diamonds. Nothing is impossible with Breitling replica Paypal and Bentley.

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