A Modern Pilot’s Tool-Luxury Breitling Replica Watches For Sale

The original reference was the 80360 which has “Navitimer” on the dial but was clearly named fake Breitling Aerospace in terms of advertising and marketing. It was launched as part of the brand’s Professional series with a titanium bracelet that used thin titanium rods to form the connection between each link. As was common for best quality replica Breitlings of the day, you could have it in titanium or titanium with gold-plated accents – few things feel more ’80’s than gold-plated rider tabs, eh?

Supporting both the analog and digital functions, these earliest of cheap fake Breitling Aerospaces use the Breitling 56, a quartz movement based on the ETA 988.332 with ~4 years of battery life and functions including a perpetual calendar, a chronograph, and a second time zone. Swiss made fake Breitling also produced a UTC module that was integrated into a matched bracelet and allowed for a separate display of UTC time, which is quite handy for pilots.

The format established by the 80360 was kept in place until the mid-’90s, but luxury copy Breitling changed their reference numbers in the early ’90s, so you will also find E56059 (titanium) and F56059 (two-tone) examples that look very similar. This is also when we start to see “Aerospace” on the dial and “56” is for the aforementioned B56 movement.

Following the subtle updates of the early ’90s references like the E56060 and E56061, perfect replica Breitling launched the first considerable update in the E56062 in 1994. Still powered by the B56 movement, the E56062 is commonly called the “Aerospace II” (for second gen) and the easiest hallmarks to recognize are a larger lower screen aperture (for increased legibility) and five-minute Arabic markings on the bezel, where previous iterations of the Breitling Aerospace fake for men have hash marks but only show Arabic numerals on the rider tabs.

For me, the Swiss movement fake Breitling E56062 is the reference to have as it was the most refined take on the original brief and it says “Aerospace” on the dial. The E56062 was offered in several versions with “F” references being two-tone and “K” references being those made of precious metal. Yes, the 56062 was offered in both 18k white gold and yellow gold. Depending on the reference, buyers could choose from either the distinctive Aerospace bracelet or AAA replica Breitling’s Professional steel bracelet (which was and is common to several models in their line-up).

The example I owned – and wholeheartedly regret selling – was the full grey model on a matching Aerospace bracelet. These top quality fake watches wear so well, weigh nothing, look great, and the bracelet even has a spring-tension extension in the low-profile clasp, so the bracelet is always expanding and contracting depending on the position of your wrist.

It’s one of the most comfortable and subtle super clone watches I’ve ever worn and it never failed to work like a tool but wear like a thoughtfully designed luxury watch. To this day, I haven’t figured out how they made something so lightweight that still managed to feel this solid.

Then, in 1995/96, Swiss replica Breitling updated the E56062 with a repetition chiming movement, the B65. Based on the same ETA 998.332 quartz movement, the B65 offered a chiming feature, and this era of the E56062 (and its F and K siblings) shows “Repetition Minutes” on the dial rather than “Aerospace.”

Over the course of the next few years, 1:1 fake Breitling released an updated dial design with an italicized font for the numeric markers (along with a sort of 3D shadow effect) and new dial colors, including dark grey, light grey, grey-green, blue, and even yellow.

The next major update came in 1999, when the top copy Breitling Repetition Minutes Aerospace was offered as a COSC-certified chronometer. References were updated to E/F/K65362 and this would be the swan song for the B65-powered Aerospace line.

Next up, and forming the end of the 40mm Aerospace legacy, in 2000 Breitling replica for sale announced a new but very similar iteration (are you seeing a pattern here?) of their oddball pilot’s watch in the E75362. Yes, still 40mm, but this new reference, which also came in F and K varieties, now ran on a new COSC-certified Superquartz movement, the B75.

Based on the ETA Thermoline 988.352, the B75 was a thermo-compensated high accuracy quartz movement that was capable of keeping time to +/- 10 seconds a year. These high end fake watches started to hit the market around 2001 and though they represent one of the more costly options in the lineage that is laid out above (not counting gold models), they offer the most advanced execution of an Breitling Aerospace fake Paypal to date, and if you care deeply for accuracy this is the reference to look for.

Offered in black, blue, grey-green, and grey, the 75362 reference range says “Chronometer Aerospace” on the dial, which also sports the bold italicized numerals of the 65362, and later 56062.

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