Perfect Replica Breitling Launches New Superocean Divers in Every Size You Can Imagine

AAA replica Breitling has done a lot of work in the last year to revamp their chronograph lines, introducing new Navitimers, Top Times, and derivations thereof on a fairly consistent basis over the past several months. As a brand, they’re largely known for a handful of classic chronograph references, so this strategy makes a lot of sense. But their latest release is a good reminder that they can still make a pretty solid diver as well. The cheap fake Breitling Superocean is their flagship dive watch, and Breitling has just unveiled an entirely revamped collection of the diver that pays due respect to the line’s roots in the 60s.

The idea behind these new Breitling Superoceans replica watches online seems to be to add color wherever possible, and give customers a ton of variety when it comes to case size. The new watches are loosely based on the Super Ocean “Slow Motion,” so named for its lack of a seconds hand (in its place divers made use of a minutes-based chronograph which took an hour to move around the dial). The new Superoceans do, in fact, have a running seconds hand, but otherwise the aesthetic of perfect fake Breitling’s 60s and 70s Superoceans is largely left intact.

The best replica watches feature crisp contrast between the dial interior and an outer minute track, making legibility at a glance about as straightforward as possible. It’s a simple, tried and true format that doesn’t exactly break any new ground, but that’s obviously not really what these top super clone watches are about. There’s a saying about things that aren’t broken not needing to be fixed that would seem to apply here.

The real story with the luxury fake Breitling Superocean collection is the variety. There are a total of four case sizes, three metals, and dials in white, orange, turquoise, black, blue, and green. The 46mm stainless steel case is the largest and feels like a watch from that recent period in 1:1 copy Breitling’s history that many enthusiasts would rather forget, but is still very much a part of the brand. The big diver comes in simple black or blue dial variants, each with a matching ceramic bezel that is paired with a locking mechanism to keep it secure.

Next in line is a 44mm case in stainless steel, with dials in black, blue, turquoise, and green. These high quality replica watches forego the locking bezel for a traditional ratcheting bezel, but it’s still in a color matched ceramic. The green and blue variants are available with color matched rubber straps, while the turquoise dial features a black strap (they can all be paired with bracelets, as well). There’s also a 44mm case in bronze, with a brown dial and matching brown rubber strap.

The 42mm Breitling Superocean fake for men is probably going to be the most sensible option for the widest group of collectors. Dials in this case size are offered in black, blue, and white. The white watch is an outlier in the collection in that it doesn’t have a minute scale that contrasts with the interior dial, but it does have applied hour markers that are set off with a blue outline. There’s a bronze offering in this size as well, here with a green dial. The 42mm size is also where gold makes its mark in the Swiss made replica Breitling Superocean line, with a black dialed variant with classic gilt accents and an 18 carat red gold bezel and crown. Additionally, there’s an orange dialed variant in this size which is a limited edition made in partnership with surfer Kelly Slater.

Lastly, we have the 36mm Breitling Superocean replica Paypal. Here we have dial options in white, turquoise, and orange. These watches are notably lighter in tone thanks to the bezel insert, which is still ceramic but appears to be color matched to the case metal. It gives these smallest cheap fake Breitling Superoceans a very different look.

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